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DNA Stain(DNA染料)

DNA stain is a technique using dye for visualization and detection of DNA after separation by gel electrophoresis.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC35064 1-Cinnamoylpyrrolidine An amide with antiplatelet and DNA-cleaving activities
  3. GC67839 DMT-5Me-dC(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite
  4. GC11241 HOE 33187 Hoechst 染料是用于染色 DNA 的蓝色荧光染料家族的一部分。
  5. GC12187 Hoechst 33258 trihydrochloride A fluorescent DNA probe
  6. GC10939 Hoechst 33342 trihydrochloride A fluorescent DNA probe
  7. GC17657 Hoechst 34580 Hoechst 34580 是一种可渗透细胞的荧光染料,用于染色 DNA 和细胞核。
  8. GC67838 Methyl Green zinc chloride
  9. GC36724 Netropsin dihydrochloride A DNA minor groove binder

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