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ATP citrate lyase (ATP柠檬酸裂解酶)

ACLY (ATP citrate lyase) catalyzes the synthesis of acetyl-CoA from citrate. It is a cytosolic enzyme that involved in fetal growth/development, tumor cell growth/survival and metabolic disorder etc.

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  2. GC48923 (±)-Hydroxycitric Acid A hydroxy derivative of citric acid
  3. GC63570 (-)-Hydroxycitric acid lactone (-)-Hydroxycitric acid lactone (Garcinia lactone) 是一种减肥药,也是一种很受欢迎的减肥食品补充剂。(-)-Hydroxycitric acid lactone 是一种有效的 ATP-柠檬酸裂解酶 抑制剂。(-)-Hydroxycitric acid lactone 催化柠檬酸盐线粒体外裂解为草酰乙酸和乙酰辅酶 A,限制了脂肪酸合成所需乙酰辅酶 A 单位的可用性。
  4. GC31632 2-Furoic acid (Furan-2-carboxylic acid)

    2-Furoic acid (2-Furancarboxylic acid, Pyromucic acid, 2-Carboxyfuran, α-furancarboxylic acid, α-furoic acid) is an organic compound most widely found in food products as a preservative and a flavoring agent.

  5. GC10884 BMS-303141 An ACL inhibitor
  6. GC33760 ETC-1002 (ESP-55016) A prodrug form of ETC-1002-CoA
  7. GC60919 Hydroxycitric acid tripotassium hydrate Hydroxycitricacidtripotassiumhydrate(Potassiumcitratemonohydrate)是藤黄果的主要活性成分,也是柠檬酸的衍生物。Hydroxycitricacidtripotassiumhydrate可竞争性抑制柠檬酸裂解酶(ATPcitratelyase),并具有减肥效果。Hydroxycitricacidtripotassiumhydrate有效抑制结石形成并抑制HIF,具有抗氧化,抗炎和抗肿瘤作用。
  8. GC38932 NDI-091143 An ACL inhibitor
  9. GC16952 SB 204990 A cell-permeable prodrug of SB 201076

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