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Arginase hydrolyzes L-argenine L-ornithine and urea in the urea cycle. Two arginase isoenzymes (arginase I and II ) play a role in regulation of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and development of vascular diseases.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC63120 Numidargistat dihydrochloride
  3. GC61639 2-Aminoimidazole
  4. GC50434 Nor NOHA monoacetate nor-NOHA (Nω-Hydroxy-nor-L-arginine) monoacetate 是一种有效的选择性精氨酸酶抑制剂。
  5. GC36914 Piceatannol 3'-O-glucoside
  6. GC42911 BEC (hydrochloride) An inhibitor of arginase types I and II
  7. GC34368 CB-1158 Hydrochloride (INCB01158 Hydrochloride) An arginase inhibitor
  8. GC33106 CB-1158 (INCB01158) An arginase inhibitor
  9. GC10628 nor-NOHA (acetate) A potent arginase inhibitor
  10. GC10280 BEC An inhibitor of arginase types I and II
  11. GC10096 Arginase inhibitor 1 An arginase inhibitor
  12. GA10879 H-DL-Nva-OH H-DL-Nva-OH,L-norvaline 的衍生物,L-norvaline 是精氨酸酶的非竞争性抑制剂。

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