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TPH (tryptophan hydroxylase) is aromatic amino acid hydroxylase that catalyzes initial rate-limiting step in the serotoniin biosynthesis. It is associated with schizophrenia, anxiety and bipolar disorder etc.

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  2. GC13293 LP533401 hcl An inhibitor of gut-derived serotonin biosynthesis
  3. GC16279 Telotristat A TPH1 inhibitor
  4. GC10007 LX1606 Hippurate (Telotristat etiprate) A prodrug form of telotristat
  5. GC15998 LX-1031 LX-1031 是一种有效的、可口服的色氨酸 5-羟化酶 (TPH) 抑制剂,可减少外周血清素 (5-HT) 的合成。

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