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p38 (p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases) are serine/threonine kinases that activated by environmental stress and proinflammatory cydtokines. They mediates cell growth, differentiation, transcrption and development.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC65917 Andrograpanin
  3. GC65329 EW-7195
  4. GC65297 MW-150 An inhibitor of p38α MAPK
  5. GC63903 (E)-Osmundacetone
  6. GC63700 5,6,7-Trimethoxyflavone 5,6,7-Trimethoxyflavone (Baicalein Trimethyl Ether), methylations of the hydroxyl groups of oroxylin A or baicalein, has various pharmacological activities including antiviral, anticancer and antibacterial.
  7. GC63000 Gypenoside L
  8. GC49241 Methyl Diethyldithiocarbamate An active metabolite of disulfiram
  9. GC62528 (Rac)-Hesperetin
  10. GC62404 p38α inhibitor 2
  11. GC62315 MKK7-COV-9
  12. GC62146 XST-14
  13. GC60262 N-Feruloyloctopamine
  14. GC39815 Semapimod tetrahydrochloride
  15. GC50316 Org 48762-0 Selective p38α/β inhibitor; orally bioavailable
  16. GC39095 Isoliquiritin apioside Isoliquiritin apioside (ISLA, ILA), a component isolated from Glycyrrhizae radix rhizome (GR), significantly decreases PMA-induced increases in matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activities and suppresses PMA-induced activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and NF-κB. Isoliquiritin apioside possesses anti-metastatic and anti-angiogenic abilities in malignant cancer cells and ECs, with no cytotoxicity.
  17. GC38917 Gossypetin A flavonoid with diverse biological activities
  18. GC38708 Esculin A coumarin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities
  19. GC38609 Rotundic acid Rotundic acid (Rutundic acid), a natural compound, exhibit cytotoxic activities toward human hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2), malignant melanoma (A375), SCLC (NCI-H446), breast cancer (MCF-7), and colon cancer (HT-29) cell lines.RA induces cell cycle arrest, DNA damage, and apoptosis by modulating the AKT/mTOR and MAPK pathways.
  20. GC38518 AMG-548 dihydrochloride An inhibitor of p38α MAPK
  21. GC38319 Dihydrocaffeic acid A polyphenol with diverse biological activities
  22. GA20623 Ac-muramyl-Ala-D-Glu-NH₂ Ac-muramyl-Ala-D-Glu-NH₂ (MDP) 是一种合成的免疫反应肽,由连接到 L-Ala-D-isoGln 短氨基酸链上的 N-乙酰胞壁酸组成。
  23. GC37646 SKF-86002 An anti-inflammatory agent
  24. GC37595 SB 242235 A p38α MAPK inhibitor
  25. GC36855 Paris saponin VII Chonglou Saponin VII (Dioscinin, Polyphyllin-VII, Paris saponin-VII), a kind of steroidal saponins from Chonglou (Rhizoma Paridis Chonglou), inhibits EMT and reduces the invasion of ovarian cancer cells via the GSK-3β/β-catenin signaling pathway.
  26. GC36447 Licochalcone E
  27. GC35832 Dehydrocorydaline chloride An alkaloid with diverse biological activities
  28. GC35674 Chicanine
  29. GC35525 Bisabolangelone
  30. GC35132 4-Hydroxylonchocarpin
  31. GC44530 p38 MAPK Inhibitor A potent inhibitor of p38 MAP kinase
  32. GC41740 (S)-p38 MAPK Inhibitor III A cell-permeable p38 MAP kinase inhibitor
  33. GC40484 Ferulic Acid methyl ester A lipophilic antioxidant
  34. GC34918 MW-150 dihydrochloride dihydrate An inhibitor of p38α MAPK
  35. GC34072 Talmapimod (SCIO-469) A p38 MAPK inhibitor
  36. GC33238 SJFδ
  37. GC33229 SJFα
  38. GC33008 p38 MAPK-IN-1
  39. GC32411 FR 167653 (FR 167653 sulfate)
  40. GC32209 ITX5061
  41. GC31988 p38α inhibitor 1
  42. GC31924 AZD7624
  43. GC31697 Dilmapimod (SB-681323) Dilmapimod (SB-681323,GW 681323) is a potent p38 MAPK inhibitor that potentially suppresses inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  44. GC31058 FR 167653 free base
  45. GC30676 MAPK13-IN-1
  46. GC30646 Skatole(3-Methylindole) Skatole (3-methylindole, Scatole) is a mildly toxic white crystalline organic compound that occurs naturally in feces. It has a fairly broad bacteriostatic effect.
  47. GC30609 p38 MAPK-IN-2
  48. GC30158 p38-α MAPK-IN-1

    p38-α MAPK-IN-1 is an inhibitor of p38-α, with IC50 value of 2300 nM in EFC displacement assay, and 5500 nM in HTRF assay.

  49. GC19366 UM-164 An inhibitor of Src and p38 MAPK kinases
  50. GC19325 SD 0006 An inhibitor of p38α MAPK
  51. GC19304 R1487 Hydrochloride An inhibitor of p38α MAPK

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