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NKCC (Na-K-Cl cotransporter) is an electrically silent membrane-bound channels that mediates Na and Cl reabsorption. It functions in regulating cell volume and ionic balance.

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  2. GC46957 Bumetanide-d5

    布美他尼 d5

    An internal standard for the quantification of bumetanide
  3. GC38738 Azosemide


    Azosemide is a potent Na+–K+–2Cl? cotransporter NKCC1 inhibitor with IC50s of 0.246??M for hNKCC1A and 0.197??M for NKCC1B, respectively.
  4. GC36091 Furosemide sodium


    A loop diuretic and an inhibitor of NKCC1 and NKCC2
  5. GC14041 Ethacrynic Acid

    依他尼酸; 利尿酸; Etacrynic acid

    A loop diuretic with anticancer activity
  6. GC16795 DCA


    DCA 是癌细胞中的代谢调节剂';具有抗癌活性的线粒体。 DCA 抑制 PDHK,导致肿瘤微环境中的乳酸减少。 DCA 增加活性氧 (ROS) 生成并促进癌细胞凋亡。 DCA 也可作为 NKCC 抑制剂。
  7. GC12970 Furosemide


    A loop diuretic and an inhibitor of NKCC1 and NKCC2
  8. GC15524 Bumetanide

    布美他尼; Ro 10-6338; PF 1593

    An NKCC1 inhibitor

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