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NK3 Receptor(NK3受体)

NK3 (neurokinin receptor 3) is a G-protein coupled receptor belongs to the tachykinine receptors family. It is involved in afferent neuron transmission and intestinal motility and secretion.

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  2. GC13150 SSR 146977 hydrochloride NK3 receptor antagonist
  3. GC10041 SB 218795 SB 218795 是一种有效的选择性非肽 NK3 受体拮抗剂,对 hNK3 的 Ki 为 13 nM。
  4. GC14839 Senktide A potent NK3 receptor agonist
  5. GC16026 Talnetant A nonpeptide NK3 antagonist
  6. GC10107 SB-222200 An NK3 receptor antagonist

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