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GPR55 is a lysophosphatidylinositols and cannabinoids receptor. It is involved in various signaling cascade and plays a role in neuropathic/inflammatory pain, cancer and metabolic regulation etc.

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC35694 CID 16020046 A selective GPR55 inverse agonist
  3. GC35339 Anandamide An endogenous cannabinoid
  4. GC44217 ML-184 A synthetic agonist of GPR55
  5. GC14026 ML-193 A selective GPR55 antagonist
  6. GC16103 Oleylethanolamide An endogenous, potent agonist for PPARα
  7. GC17777 Palmitoylethanolamide An endogenous cannabinoid
  8. GC13513 O-1602 An agonist of GPR55
  9. GC12728 Abn-CBD An Analytical Reference Standard

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