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EP4 Receptor(EP4受体)

EP4 receptor is a G-protein coupled receptor for prostaglandin E2. It bind to Gαs and activate adenylyl cyclase to stimulate the formation of cAMP and induce smooth muscle relaxation. It may involve in the renal/intestinal/adrenal/uterine function.

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  2. GC15662 ONO-AE3-208

    4-氰基-2-[[2-(4-氟-1-萘基)-1-氧代丙基]氨基]苯基丁酸,AE 3-208;ONO AE3 208

    An EP4 receptor antagonist
  3. GC16477 MK-2894

    4-[1-[[[2,5-二甲基-4-[[4-(三氟甲基)苯基]甲基]-3-噻吩基]羰基]氨基]环丙基]苯甲酸,MK 2894;MK2894

    MK-2894 是一种有效、选择性、口服活性和高亲和力 (Ki=0.56 nM) 的全拮抗剂,针对 E prostanoid receptor 4 (EP4 receptor) (IC50=2.5 nM)。

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