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The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) induced receptor 2 (EBI2; also known as GPR183) is an orphan member of the 7TM receptor family A. EBI2 is a constitutively active seven-transmembrane receptor. EBI2 has been placed in varying 7TM receptor subgroups by different phylogenetic analyses as being a target of peptide or lipid ligands. EBI2 constitutively activates extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) in a pertussis toxin-insensitive manner. EBI2 is up-regulated up to 200-fold in B cells following EBV infection.

EBI2 activation stimulates immune cell migration and has been genetically linked to autoimmune diseases including type 1 diabetes. Small molecule modulators of EBI2 can be useful for probing the function of the receptor and its relevance to human diseases.

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  2. GC65986 SAE-14

    GPR183 antagonist-1

    SAE-14 (compound SAE-14) 是一种有效、特异的 GPR183 拮抗剂,IC50值为 28.5 nM,可抑制 HL-60 细胞中 7α, 25-OHC 诱导的钙信号转导, IC50 值低于 50 nM。SAE-14 可逆转小鼠的异位性疼痛。
  3. GC38820 ML401 ML401, a potent chemical probe, selectively antagonizes G-protein coupled receptor 183 (GPR183, EBI2) with an IC50 of 1.03 nM, and displays activity in a chemotaxis assay with IC50 of 6.24 nM.
  4. GC31651 GSK682753A


  5. GC14433 7α,25-dihydroxy Cholesterol


    A potent and selective agonist of GPR183
  6. GC15430 NIBR189 A selective antagonist of EBI2 (GPR183)

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