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RNA Polymerase(RNA聚合酶)

RNA polymerase (RNAP), also known as DNA-dependent RNA polymerase, is a large and complex enzyme of several polypeptide chain subunits that catalyzes the synthesis of all cellular RNA specifically on intact DNA templates. A complete RNAP (holoenzyme) must contain two functional parts, a sigma factor (σ) and a core enzyme consisting of one beta prime subunit (β’), one beta subunit (β) and two alpha subunits (α), where the core enzyme catalyzes RNA synthesis initiated by the sigma factor at specific sites. Moreover, a growing list of factors of RNAP, including M, CAP, psi and rho, are required for the transcription reaction.

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  2. GC50633 BMS 986094


    BMS 986094 (INX-08189) 是一种有效的丙型肝炎病毒 (HCV) 复制抑制剂,在 Huh-7 细胞中 24 小时的 EC50 为 35 nM。
  3. GC46152 GS-441524 An antiviral nucleoside analog
  4. GC16314 TC-E 5001 TC-E 5001 是一种 Wnt 通路抑制剂,通过新的腺苷口袋结合抑制 tankyrase 1/2 (TNKS1/2),Kd 分别为 79 nM 和 28 nM。 TC-E 5001 还抑制 Axin2 和 STF,IC50 分别为 0.709 μM 和 0.215 μM。
  5. GC16277 α-Amanitin

    alpha-鹅膏覃碱; α-Amatoxin

    A selective RNA polymerase II inhibitor
  6. GC17241 Thiolutin


    An inhibitor of Hsp27 and RNA polymerases
  7. GC15060 Mithramycin A

    光辉霉素,Mithramycin A

    A DNA-binding antitumor antibiotic

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