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P2X7 receptor(P2X7受体)

P2X7 receptor is a member of P2X purinergic receptor which act as a ATP-gated cation channels. It invovles in synaptic transmission, inflammatory response, apoptosis and carcinogenesis etc.

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  2. GC14207 GW791343 HCl GW791343 HCl 是一种有效的人 P2X7 受体负变构调节剂(表现出物种特异性活性),对人 P2X7 受体产生非竞争性拮抗作用,pIC50 为 6.9-7.2。
  3. GC15434 A 839977 A P2X7 receptor antagonist
  4. GC11842 A-740003 A selective P2X7 antagonist

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