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Ras-like GTPases(类Ras GTPases)

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC50686 Miro1 Reducer Promotes proteasomal degradation of Miro1 (mitochondrial Rho GTPase 1)
  3. GC50603 BAY 293 Negative Control Negative control for BAY 293
  4. GC50507 StRIP16 StRIP16 是生物可利用的 StRIP3 类似物,是一种双钉肽,可与 Rab8a GTPase 结合,Kd 为 12.7 μM。
  5. GC46184 Nexinhib20

    An inhibitor of Rab27a-JFC1 protein-protein interactions

  6. GC13315 ML-098 A selective Rab7 activator
  7. GC16765 ML-099 A pan activator of Ras-related GTPases
  8. GC12876 ML-097 A pan activator of Ras-related GTPases
  9. GC12948 CID-1067700 A competitive GTPase inhibitor
  10. GC16722 CE3F4 An uncompetitive inhibitor of Epac1
  11. GC10906 RBC8 A Ral inhibitor
  12. GC10612 BQU57 An inhibitor of RalA and RalB

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