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Growth Media(成长媒体)

  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC18115 YT Broth, 2X powder blend Powder microbial growth medium
  3. GC17277 Yeast Extract Microbial media
  4. GC10986 Supra Sieve GPG Suitable for DNA electrophoresis
  5. GC15620 X-Gal X-GAL 是一种广泛使用的显色 β-半乳糖苷酶底物。
  6. GC12898 Tryptone

    Pancreatic digest of casein

  7. GC10598 Agarose GPG/LMP low melt Suitable for DNA electrophoresis
  8. GC17845 TB Dry, Sterile Solution High nutrient medium
  9. GC13874 TB Dry High nutrient medium
  10. GC14483 Peptone, bacteriological For preparation of culture media
  11. GC11647 LB Agar Miller

    LB culture medium

  12. GC11297 Fluoroorotic Acid, Ultra Pure 5-Fluoroorotic 是酵母分子遗传学中的一种选择剂。
  13. GC16323 Agar (bacteriological) Microbiological culture medium

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