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Custom Organic Synthesis

GLPBIO has an experienced team of chemists with a depth of knowledge and experience in complex organic syntheses including prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cannabinoids, fatty acids, heterocyclic chemistry, and pheromones. Our sales staff and chemists will quickly respond to your custom synthesis inquiries with competitive pricing and aggressive lead times. GLPBIO has a proven track record of supplying academia, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies with the synthesis of novel organic compounds, process development, and manufacturing of high purity pharmaceutical and fine organic chemicals in milligram to process scale batches with on-time delivery.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid turnaround / on-time delivery
  • Comprehensive characterization (HPLC, MS, NMR, Elemental analysis)
  • Deuterium and C13 labeling
  • Fluorine chemistry
  • Route selection, optimization, and scale-up

For more information or to receive a quote for contract services please contact our sales department at (626) 353-8530 or email us at sales@glpbio.com