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Sulfhydryl Biotinylation Reagents(巯基生物素化试剂)

Sulfhydryl Biotinylation Reagents are cleavable pyridyldithiol and iodoacetyl activated biotin labeling reagents to specifically biotinylate antibodies and other proteins or peptides at sulfhydryl groups, such as reduced free thiols on cysteine residues.
Biotin-HPDP is a pyridyldithiol-activated, sulfhydryl-reactive biotinylation reagent that conjugates via a reversible disulfide bond to enable use in a variety of purification methods.
Iodoacetyl-LC-Biotin is a mid-length, iodoacetyl-activated, sulfhydryl-reactive biotinylation reagent that forms stable, irreversible thioether bond at alkaline pH.
  1. Cat.No. 产品名称 Information
  2. GC11037 Biotin-HPDP A sulfhydryl-reactive biotinylation reagent
  3. GC11968 Iodoacetyl-LC-Biotin 碘乙酰基-LC-生物素是一种生物素化的亲电子探针,可用于研究蛋白质与亚细胞蛋白质组共价结合的范围和特征。

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