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Wee1 is a tyrosine kinase nuclear protein that catalyzes tyrosine phosphorylation of CDC2/Cyclin B kinase. It negatively regulates the entry to mitosis by protecting nucleus from cytoplasmically activated CDC2 kinase.

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  2. GC16030 MK-1775 Wee1 kinase inhibtor,potent and ATP-competitive
  3. GC38216 PD 407824 PD 407824 是一个检查点激酶 Chk1 和 WEE1 抑制剂,IC50分别为 47 和 97 nM。PD 407824 是一种化学 BMP 敏化剂,可提高细胞对亚阈值量的 BMP4 的敏感性。
  4. GC32853 PD0166285 PD0166285是WEE1抑制剂,也可微弱抑制Myt1,IC50值分别为24和72nM。

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